Workshop on Digital Storytelling

January 29 and January 30, 2014

For 2 days, 4 Groups will be chosen to create a Digital Story and will have the possibility to use our lab`s Digital Storytelling Tools:

Scrollkit (Wendy Ann & Stian), Popcorn Maker (Trine & Hans-Arne), MovieMaker, ThingLink (all), Gimp, XML Spy/Python (Trine), WordPress (Wendy Ann), Oculus Rift (Stian), JavaScript & HTML (Wendy Ann) and Max/MSP (Hans-Arne)!

Workshop Location and Schedule:
29 January: Sense-IT (A362) and C434 – (10:00-16:30 )
30 January: Sense-IT and C434 – (09:00-13:00)

Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunications
O.S. Bragstadsplass 2a
7034 Trondheim

Please use this map to locate the campus, search for NTNU Gløshaugen, Elektro C  and then find room C434 at, or alternatively, please see,

Mentors: Wendy Ann Mansilla, Stian Habbestad, Trine Rein, and Hans-Arne Hånes

1.) Bring your media/content (image, video, audio, text files, etc…) & your memory sticks and harddrives
2.) Bring your laptop/computers & sketch materials (paper, pencil, pads, etc..)
3.) Convert all images to jpeg or png file format
4.) Convert all video files to mp4 (mpeg 4 format)
5.) Convert all audio files to mp3
6.) Communication and Language mode: English


o   10.00    Introduction to the Workathon (Andrew Perkis, Room C434)
o   10.05    Introduction to the tools and mentors (Wendy Ann Mansilla and other mentors give approx. 10-min presentation)
o   10.45    Project introductions  – “elevator pitches” (2-3 mins, each proposal)
o   11.10    Comments and questions on the projects
o   11.20    Choosing groups/projects, organizing the groups (2 groups on each locations)
o   11.40    Setting up groups in separate locations – working on concept, work process, followed by mentoring session
o   12.10    Lunch
o   13.00    Plenary session: Presentations from the groups on concept and process; Feedback
o   13.30    Group work
o   16:30    Workathon mentoring session ends but groups can continue working within the campus.

Second day:
o   09.00    Plenary session: Status for the projects. Feedback
o   10.00    Finishing session. Preparing “showreel” for the seminar
o   13.00    Start seminar

To avoid delays during the workshop, we recommend that you install or register online the following software/tools that you are interested to work on:

1. Scrollkit , register at:
2. Popcorn maker,  register at:
3. Windows Movie Maker, download a free version at:
4. Thinglink, register at
5. Gimp 2.8, download a free version at:
6. XML Spy, download a free trial at:
7. WordPress, you need to sign-up for a web-hosted website at; free-hosting will not work. Alternatively, we will be working on a dummy website host during the workshop,
8. Oculus Rift, the device and software is provided for testing at the Sense-IT laboratory.
9. Javascript and HTML – download this zip file, & we will use Komodo Edit or editor of your choice as an IDE:
10. Max/MSP (Max 6.1.6) –  You can download a trial version here:
11. Google Chrome –  This is a must for all web browsers: