Candy is an audio-visual experimental performance piece that displays metaphorical homogenization of individuals brought by our evolving consumption and technology. Reflects on the triumph of the manipulative campaigns in the culture industry, and the challenges of the innate human pleasure circuits. Circuits that are driven by our primitive desires and supernormal stimulants that are capable of pressing our pleasure buttons. Candy gathers information from the social space for beauty and truth, which includes visual artefacts, personal statements and consumer campaigns and projects them on a physical multi-sensory space.

The artwork invites the participant to reflect, sit, relax and to physically explore a dining table as a diner. A menu is served and the diner chooses a dish. When the dish is presented on the table, the cover is lifted which results to a release of aroma that serves to tease the gustatory nerves and to lift the sense of imagination and craving of the participant. The diner experiences a multi-sensory narrative medium that visualizes the social networking world and electronic mass media for its influences on human preferences, consumption and pleasure in real-time. In real-time, the piece also amplifies the auditory sounds and noise associated with the direct interaction with food and the associated narrative medium.