Current research activities at the Sense-IT Lab include the following


The vision in project VisualMedia is to go beyond current state-of-the-art by implementing content generated through social media with real-time 3D graphics capabilities, specifically developing a fully integrated solution for the broadcast media sector, together with advanced interaction and visualisation systems. More





Traditional broadcasters are losing their younger audiences. New ways of user interaction that are catering to the attention of a distracted audience need to be identified. One of the challenging aspects is the growing user requirements for real-time mobile information and stories anytime and anywhere. This has exerted significant pressure on the importance of new forms of storytelling and information delivery on every target audiences. The goal of this workshop is to discuss new ways of information generation and delivery in the traditional broadcasting sense and in the public use. This workshop shall stimulate and facilitate professionals, academics, designers, and digital artists to put forward discussions on multidisciplinary approaches to enhance audience experience and expectations towards information generation and delivery in a new media landscape. More



This Network focuses on the analysis, design, optimization and management of the QoE in advanced multimedia services, creating a fully-integrated and multi-disciplinary network of 12 ESRs working in and seconded by 7 academic institutions, 3 private companies and 1 standardization institute distributed in 6 European countries and in South Korea. This Network will offer to a group of newly recruited Fellows in a cross-sectoral environment the opportunity to shape their long-term research view and get fundamental methodological tools on various research fields, namely: multimedia networking, signal processing, communications, business, psychology and sociology. More