The digital storytelling tools and experiences project

The Digital Storytelling Tools & Experiences Project is aimed at defining, designing and demonstrating the multidisciplinary and state-of-the-art requirements of the Digital Storytelling Tools. It is part of Immersive Media Technology Experiences (IMTE) and is funded by NTNU IET and IKM and NxtMedia.

Our Objectives:

• Demonstrate existing digital storytelling tools used within the existing digital content.
• Specify and develop a prototype of a new digital storytelling tool based on the use of metadata for multimodal publishing in education, interactive art and experience-based system in general.
• Conduct a survey with NxtMedia to investigate the current usage and experience of digital storytelling tools.
• Assess the potential commercialization of the new digital storytelling tool.
• Prepare objectives to apply for a national and international funding for further financing.
• Deliver a two-day seminar for evaluation and validation of digital storytelling tools.


Hoy Blokka – Post Mortem