Digital Storytelling Seminar 2014
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13.00  - Welcome Note
13.05  - Presentation of the pilot project, Digital Storytelling Tools and Experiences,
             by Professor Andrew Perkis & Associate Professor Ellen Foyn Bruun
13.20 - Demos and challenges of the project,
            by Post Doc. Wendy Ann Mansilla & Post Doc. Andreas Bergsland
13.40 - Presentation of Hands-on Workshop on Digital Storytelling,
            by the Workathon Leaders

14.40  ***** BREAK*****

14.55 - NxtMedia - Why this project is interesting for us?
            by Trond Hovland, NxtMedia

15.10 - The Humanities: contribution and  potential in digital encounters,
             by The Performativity Group, NTNU

15.30 - Project results and visions for future development,
            by Professor Andrew Perkis

15.45 - Talk by the Media Industry and Practitioners
            by Addresavisen & NR
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Location: Rådsrommet – Gløshaugen – Elektrobygg G144
O.S. Bragstadsvei 2G, Trondheim, alternatively, see: