XR Norway




XR Norway is a national cluster within the artificial realities. They have an ambition to establish a world-class environment for technological, educational and commercial expertise in the artistic realities VR, AR, MR and visual 360 techniques. The field of science and technology is considered as an emerging technology area, and is strong development and growth. XR technology is rated to create similar disturbing impacts on society as the internet. There is a strong need to build expertise, experience, build long-term good relationships and create good framework conditions for growth and development to support development in the field. There is an acknowledgment among the actors in the cluster about the need for cooperation about development, recognizing the importance of the cluster. The cluster will help to support and facilitate growth and development within the XR in general and for the members of the cluster in particular.

With the cooperation between NTNU and XRNorway, we hope to position and arrange XR as a field of expertise and actors to be represented in relevant other arenas and to establish workgroups in relevant industry, technology or applications recognized by the actors

Technology & Art in Stimulating Creative Placemaking in Public-Use Spaces
10:18 pm By ntnu_admin
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