ULTIMATE is an EU Project under Horizon 2020. ULTIMATE aims to create economic value and increase sustainability by valorising resources within the water cycle. Wastewater is not only a reusable resource but also a carrier for energy and components that can be extracted, treated, stored, and reused. Drawing on “Water Smart Industrial Symbiosis” (WSIS) we promote wastewater recycling in various industrial settings.

Part of the ULTIMATE Project, is a creation of a Playbook for Citizen and Stakeholder Engagement and use them as a tool in the Co-creation activities. 

Adressaparken – a new initiative in Trondheim to create a new interactive park space to allow people to come together to witness, learn about or engage with digital innovation. A partnership between the municipality of Trondheim, NTNU and regional newspaper Adresseavisen. Adressaparken hopes to be a hub for creative technology and house permanent interactive art installations. It describes itself as an “open arena for trying new expressions and new, digital forms of narrative. It should be a place to play, explore and learn – and to wonder, experience and relax”.