VR Rowing Machine

VR Rowing is taking workout to a new level. With the combination of training equipment and VR not only the motivation of participants can be increased, but also a competitive environment can be simulated to improve motivation and prepare for real competitions. In addition, the integration of sensors into the rowing machine allows to create unique training exercises for each individual. A virtual coach helps the participant to improve his workout in a more efficient way.

Digital Storytelling in IoT

With the Internet of Things (IoT) the web is going towards interactions and communication between all kind of electronic devices. This allows the development of new services, especially, in the fields of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. But what role does humanity play in a complete digital world and how will we be able to interact with such systems?

This project seeks for answers and allows participants to experience how interactions with IoT systems might look like in the future. Physical and digital actions from the participant are utilized to drive a story in the IoT network. The story is told through multiple communications channels like images, audio and text and is also influenced by the IoT itself. This creates the feeling of interacting with an identity rather than electronic devices and takes us one step closer in closing the boundaries between digital and physical world.

On the Definition of Immersive Media

Immersive New Media Expereinces are defined by works that provide a user with a subjective sensation of being inside a virtual medium. It can be loosely described as a sensation of “being there” of the user (inside a VE), where one feels as oneself, even though physically removed. They imbue a sense of “being in” a virtual environment that is unraveled through an interaction with its sensory and environmental stimulations as well as through the internal tendency of the user in being able to displace himself/herself from consensus reality.

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World of Wild Waters

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