Our aim is to define the processes, methodologies, protocols and tools used for business-to-business co-creation within the ULTIMATE case studies. We will employ the methodologies and tools that has been proven to achieve best results in our stakeholder engagement practices with our 3 case studies – Nieuwegein, Netherlands; Kalundborg,Denmark; and Rosignano Italy. We will using 4 approaches in stakeholder engagement:

1. Living Labs are defined as “user-centered, open innovation ecosystems based on a systematic user co-creation approach in public-private-people partnerships and integrating research and innovation processes in real-life settings.

2. Community of Practice (CoPs) are defined by the specific community of stakeholders they engage through online or face to face meetings, that share and exchange knowledge on a specific topic or across topics for a finite duration in time.


3. Our team`s focus within the ULTIMATE project is on the co-creation process which enables collaboration and engagement between various stakeholders, and the general public based on a multi-use playspace.

4. Playbook, which is a useful tool to integrate knowledge dissemination in ULTIMATE case studies and guide stakeholders or participants on how to start the stakeholder engagement process leading to a immersive narrative-based intervention.