Networked Decollage

multiplayer online game

    • archieve

Networked Decollage serves as a collective ground for art interventions in networked space. We started with a simple objective of allowing participants to annotate, select and share information from the social network (preferably their own) that they think relevant for a particular social space. To achieve this, our work expands social computing in serious gaming to include two aspects in game design: the usage of art intervention and crowdsourcing.

Networked Decollage is created as a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG). In MMOGs, multiple players interact and communicate with each other using various communication networks and multimedia infrastructures. However, despite the robustness of MMOGs, the satisfactions of MMOG players are always challenged by issues on social realism and aesthetic aspects of the environment. To account for the multi-disciplinary research objectives within our centre, the current work is designed to support several kinds of media compared to traditional MMOGs. This brings up several important research topics, particularly in the Quality of Experience (QoE) domain to guarantee better user experience. The current platform is envisioned to serve further investigations in an immersive environment context, and on the effects of new aesthetic forms and other modes of implicit experiences affecting our quality perception.