World of Wild Waters

World of Wild Waters: Gamification of Natural Hazards

    • Sense-IT
    • digital narrative, Gamification, VIrtual Reality, WoWW

WoWW focus on gamification of natural hazards and aim at bringing together knowledge on physical and statistical behavior of Natural Hazards with knowledge on digital storytelling and human behavior to create immersive user experiences based on real data, realistic scenarios and simulations. Experiences to be used as basis for preventive and emergency measures to safe live and cost. WoWW aim at being the future tool for analyzing and communicating cause and effect of potential Natural Hazards as floods and landslides.

The combination of realistic scenarios and simulations and an interactive virtual setting is the major challenge in the project. Simulations of floods, landslides and other natural processes are in its nature complex and extremely challenging. To a certain realistic extent this can be done, but the traditional methods are far too time-consuming for an interactive setting. Creating realistic scenarios and combination of the weather input to the simulation at any location is both statistically and computationally challenging.