Multimedia Labs are currently focusing on research within the synergies of art and technology, methods and functionality of content representation, quality assessment and its use within the media value chain. The application focus is on art in public spaces, place by design, sensor-based digital storytelling and business modeling for the creative and media industry.

Main activities undergo research on:

  • Art and technology as a vehicle to tackle complex issues
  • IoT driven digital storytelling
  • Immersion and presence
  • Place by design and citizen engagement.
  • Media technology and entertainment as well as directions for innovations in Immersive Media Technology Experiences.
  • Transmedia storytelling and multi-platform publishing, especially to handheld devices.
  • ¬†Quality modeling and assessment and its use within the media value chain in a variety of applications, change management and business modeling for the media sector and Digital Storytelling and the associate tools for this.

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