Exploring 3DTV, augmented media, immersive experiences and whole body interaction techniques, Sense-IT at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is main hub for the Department of electronics and telecommunications  research into sensor based digital storytelling and digital storytelling tools.

Initially created in 2003, the Lab formed part of the Norwegian National Centre of Excellence – Q2S (Quantifiable quality of service for communication system). Lab manager Professor Andrew Perkis describes its remit to explore and work within the intersection between art and technology. Its current focus is on sensor-based digital storytelling, and is made up of master, PhD students and post-doc researchers.

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the lab, those working these have a wide range of skills and approaches. These span computer science, signal processing, art and technology. However, these skills are also underpinned by creativity.

In Sense-IT lab, we explore the intersection of art and technology through several installations. Candy, Chromaspace, Networked decollage and A-me our research in QoE and art related activities. We hold a permanent exhibition in Sense-IT laboratory where visitors can learn from our research and directly experience the latest developments in various fields such as 3DTV, full body interaction techniques, augmented reality and immersive media applications amongst others. Sense-IT