ULTIMATE aims to create economic value and increase sustainability by exploring and implementing water smart industrial symbiosis through circular economy of  resources within the water cycle. Wastewater plays a key role both as a reusable resource but also as a carrier for energy and materials to be extracted, treated, stored and reused within a dynamic socio-economic and business oriented industrial ecosystem.

NTNU IES is leading the work package 3 (WP3) within the ULTIMATE project. Our task is to  involve and engage stakeholders. The toolbox we are using consist of 4 approachesco-creation, community of practices (CoP), living labs and playbook.

The Playbook

Part of the ULTIMATE Project, is a creation of a playbook for citizen and stakeholder engagement and use them as a tool in the co-creation activities. The ULTIMATE playbook brings together designers, strategists, developers and the citizens from various backgrounds as a team in co-creating an immersive narrative intervention. The playbook is a useful tool in knowledge dissemination within ULTIMATE case studies and guide each participants on how to start the stakeholder engagement process.

We have also distributed complimentary toolkits such as the ULTIMATE facilitator`s deck to help facilitator`s deck to further guide facilitators in the co-creation activities and the onboarding kit that can be distributed to the participants to quick-start and introduce them on how they contribute to the ULTIMATE co-creation process.

co-creation and playbook